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Putting the Garden to Rest

Fall is a time of settling in, of preparing for the big cold. In this class we’ll work through ways to prepare your garden for the coming cold months by participating in nature’s cycles. Clean Up Tidying spaces in fall when there’s not much going on in the garden helps set forth into spring with a fresh start! Put away structures like tomato cages & trellises, protect them from the elements for longer use. Remove dead annuals and tender plants from your beds, turn them into compost for next year! Cutting canes and stalks to 2” pieces will speed up the decomposition process. Taking time to clean tools with alcohol and a mixture of oil & sand helps prevent passing...

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R.L. Linden & Co. is closing up shop.

Dearest Friends & Fans, While totally understandable, I always found it confusing and sad when brands I loved completely disappeared without explanation, so I wanted to close with as much candor as when we opened. My plan was to write this goodbye letter after first contacting those closest to R.L. Linden & Co. (RLL) and then afterwards announcing it to the public, but I’m juggling quite a bit at the moment, so apologies for the mass update blast. If I had the time and ability right now I would be sending personal cards to all those who cheered on, supported and helped RLL over the past 4 years. To everyone who made a purchase, to every retailer that carried our...

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