• "Queen of the Air Plants" Gift Set

"Queen of the Air Plants" Gift Set

$ 44.95

One of our most popular gift combinations in the shop now available via shipping to the lower 48!

- Large 6-8" Tillandsia xerographica, aka "Queen of the Air Plants" 

- Rosehouse Air Plant Food 6oz aka "Kombucha for Plants"

- Gift wrapped, detailed care instructions included

Of the 20+ types of air plants that we regularly carry in our Denver based store front, Xerographica is hands down the most popular. The "Queen of the Air Plants" is a showy, easy to care for Tillandsia that puts out impressive bloom spikes. Her ancestral range extends from Guatemala and El Salvador to Southern Mexico, she is one of the few air plants that can tolerate full sun. In the wild this Queen gets the majority of her water and nutrients from morning dew. Although slow growing, with proper care she can thrive and live for many many years.

Our Airplant Food is ALIVE!!! Most everyone seems to know about the benefits of pre & pro biotics for human health and how important our microbiome is to basically every body system, from gut & skin health to nutrient absorption, immune function, impact on mental health and much much more....but have you thought about it for your plants? Airplants are unable to benefit from the beneficial microbes found in healthy living soil because they get their nutrients from the air and water around them, which is plentiful in a lush tropical ecosystem in the wild, but most of our indoor home environments don’t come close to that! If you are only spritzing airplants w/ tap water (ie water not teeming w/ living microbes & beneficial minerals) it will be difficult to get them to thrive and bloom indoors.

This extra extra mist aka "Plant Kombucha" is equal parts high nutrient living plant food & a spiritual bath for your airplant, epiphyte, bromeliad, staghorn fern and resurrection fern buddies. Beneficial mycorrhizae and nitrogen fixing microorganisms are in a base of Colorado spring water with trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake, nitrogen rich kelp extract, fermented yeast high in vitamin B1 and a proprietary blend of plant and earth essences....because if you can’t send your plant bbs on a vacation to their ancestral homeland you can certainly bring some of that energy & soul food to them.