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  • 12/3 Community medicine making night: Make your own natural first aid kit

Learn how to make a basic first aid kit, great for camping, home, and every day needs! We will make a all healing salve, immune tincture, poultice, and learn the ways herbs can be vital allies in first aid and on the spot care.

Cost: donation based

Taught by Luki Schultz and Magee Headley

  • 12/4 All rose everything

“I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

-Emma Goldman

Roses have been attracting the good favors of humankind for millennia. Come learn the historical, medicinal, spiritual and culinary uses of the queen of flowers as well as how to take the best care of her in the garden and identify her in the wild.

Cost: $25

Taught by: Lynn Till

  • 12/6 House plant 101

Want to be the best plant parent possible? Convinced you’ll never have a green thumb? Want your pad to look like a jungle but not sure where to start? This fun and informative class is for you and will cover all the basics of house plant care including - water, light & soil requirements of common houseplants, cleaning & extra maintenance and pest control & prevention as well as answer any questions that you may have. Participants will take home a house plant care worksheet that includes recipes for pest prevention home remedies.

Cost: $35

Taught by Magee Headley

  • 12/17 Make your own body products

Looking for the perfect gift for the holiday Season? Make your own! In this class we’ll learn to make lip balm, face scub, hair oil. Come see how using natural products is an affordable and healthy way to treat your body.

Cost: $35, which includes supplies Taught by: Luki Schultz