Call 720-572-7183 or email hello@rosehouse.shop to reserve a spot!
    • 10/1 Fall plant walk

    Join founder and owner of Rosehouse for an evening stroll. Lynn will be sharing some of her intimate knowledge of the plants of the Front Range

    Cost: $15

    Taught by: Lynn Till

    • 10/8 House plant 101

    Want to be the best plant parent possible? Convinced you’ll never have a green thumb? Want your pad to look like a jungle but not sure where to start? This fun and informative class is for you and will cover all the basics of house plant care including - water, light & soil

    requirements of common houseplants, cleaning & extra maintenance and pest control & prevention as well as answer any questions that you may have. Participants will take home a house plant care worksheet that includes recipes for pest prevention home remedies

    Cost: $35

    Taught by: Magee Headley

    • 10/16 Terrariums

    Join staff horticulturist Magee as she teaches you about terrariums, and guides you as you build your own! They make lovely gifts!

    Cost: $40 for materials

    Taught by: Magee Headley

    • 10/17 Cempasúchil: Ancestral Medicine

    Class Description: Cempasúchil , aka Marigold, is such a striking flower - with a fierce aroma and the brightest color. It is an important plantita - as an ancestor and herbal ally, in ceremony, and, of course, in Día de los Muertos. In this class we will celebrate the history, cultura, and medicine of Cempaxochitl. We'll discuss it's rich past + fate, uses + benefits, and build up an altar in celebration of our ancestors.

    Please bring a journal + pen to reflect on your experiences with this plantita, as well as an item for the altar to our ancestors. (This can be a picture, candle, or other "recuerdo")

    Cost: Exchange: $30; limited $20 spots available

    Taught by: Michelle Castor

    • 10/21 Plant Reiki

    Your plants looking like they need just a little more TLC? What about you?

    Join Margaret as she takes you on an adventure with reiki and herbal healing remedies.

    Learn:How to access universal energy, How to do a reiki self treatment, How to give

    your plants reiki, About your chakras (energy centers in the body), and what they represent, and How to infuse your herbs with reiki!

    At the end of class you will have received level 1 reiki attunement, allowing you to treat yourself and your plants!

    Cost: $75

    Taught by: Margaret Bell

    • 10/24 Sacred objects

    For my magical brethren and sistren who are interested in creating objects and tools for ceremony, for folks who want to build vessels for their feelings, a place to make small reminder objects to hold in your pockets, for diviners who want to make their own boards or vessels for Smoke Medicine.

    Cost: $54

    Taught by: Faatma