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      9/24 Honoring the Fall Michelle Castor

Late September marks the fall equinox and the beginning of a time of year that many of us struggle with – the nights get longer and the weather turns cold. The fall, despite it's challenges, is a beautiful time that offers us tremendous room for reflection, recharging, and growth. Join us in a celebration of fall rituals – from making tea to letting go of what no longer serves you.

Cost: $30

Taught by: Michelle Castor

  • 9/30 Fall garden class (putting the garden to rest)

Fall is a time of cleaning house, of making cozy before the big cold settles in. In this bclass we’ll cover everything you need to prepare your plant for winter, and carry on into spring. Including, fall planting, clean up, and soil prep.

Location TBA

Cost: $25

Taught by: Magee Headley